Hearing is Believing


At ClaerityAI, our vision is a world where online communications are crystal clear – focused on the conversation and uninterrupted by background noise.

To achieve this, we brought together data scientists, engineers and thought leaders and developed a solution that leverages the power of AI to deliver an easy-to-use but powerful solution. We have partnered with OmniSpeech to deploy an AI powered speech processing software that clears noise, improves voice quality and enhances user experiences. Our service delivery model builds upon our vast experience as a leading provider of enterprise-class, scalable IoT solutions. ClaerityAI is an Aeris company.

Aeris has a proven history of helping companies unlock value through IoT. Built from the ground up for IoT and globally tested at scale, Aeris IoT services are based on the broadest technology stack in the industry, including the Aeris Connectivity Platform (ACP) and the Aeris Mobility Suite (The Suite), spanning connectivity up to vertical solutions for things that move.


Countries Reached

15+ Million

Million Devices

1.4 Billion

Billion Messages a Day

Aeris helps organizations, big and small, capture and use data from thousands of disparate endpoints and devices, at unprecedented volumes and speed, with unparalleled security by design, to identify changes and respond proactively. The Aeris Mobility Suite allows for regional market variations (brand, location, compliance, and more), thereby redefining, and expanding the ability to gather, analyze, and react to volumes of data.