Here's How to Navigate Through the Perils of Joining Work Remotely (Part-2)

Navigating through work from home was hard enough during the pandemic. The daunting process of joining a new workplace is another stepping stone to the virtual working environment.

Joining a new organization remotely will mean double the effort to communicate and navigate through the initial jitters of settling in a new office with new colleagues and superiors. Creating that first impression through video conferences and connecting virtually will be a maze to tread carefully.

However, we've got some tips and tricks to help you build that first impression and communicate effortlessly for your first ever remotely joining!


Being the new person on a team is not easy, even in normal times. Being a fresher and working remotely for the organization can certainly make you feel "Alice in Wonderland!" Yes, it's tough to work virtually as you are not exposed to the novel ways of doing work — which is one of the most critical aspects a new joiner gets to experience when working in the office environment.

But by being proactive in your approach and action, you can more smoothly acclimate to the new team before joining a new organization and prove your value more quickly. For this, you need to be systematic. While still fresh in your mind, creating a list of all the activities and interactions during your workday can help.

It's a great way to keep a tab on work done well and identify the problem areas which demand assistance from your teammates. So, dedicate a diary for work journaling. One of the effective techniques for maintaining your journal is to:

  • Write down your goals every day.
  • Keep a daily log of tasks with their priority and deadline for completion.
  • Journal at least three things that made you happy.
  • It's a good idea to journal your stresses and work-related problems faced during the day. If you cannot resolve a problem independently, highlight it with a marker. Identify the person who can help. In the next meeting, share the issue you identified as the problem solver with your manager or colleague. Ask for their perspective and spend time brainstorming a solution.
  • Journal your answer to "What's the best thing that happened today?" every night before bed.

Have your Workspace and Work Rules Too!

Sharing a room while working from home may be unavoidable. But, creating your work corner is a good idea, especially if you are a fresher and never experienced working in an office setup!

Different locations are associated with different things in your mind due to anxiety or stress, which causes lack of sleep or insomnia, eventually affecting efficiency during the day. So, using your bed to work for the office is a complete no-no. It does help psychologically to start your new job with a fresh set of eyes.  

Tell yourself that now you are a part of something different! So, if the home condition allows, create an office-like environment – quite an ambiance, clean desk, a pin/whiteboard for your post-it reminders, and always keep a water bottle for hydration. Having a healthy green plant that requires less maintenance can refresh the eyes.

One major problem everyone faces with family and working from home is the unwanted noises. Distractions due to family members watching TV, siblings or children enjoying loud music, playing, fighting, the racket from the kitchen may happen.

It can be a huge source of embarrassment, especially if you are on an audio/video conference call and it's your turn to speak! Worst are the noises outside the house, such as street dogs barking, neighbour house repair work in progress, or traffic sounds.  

These are irritating and cause headaches and embarrassment when attending virtual meetings, joining a new organization, or delivering live presentations to clients! Using a proven noise cancellation software to suppress all kinds of background noises from ambiance can help in such conditions.

And today, you can spend less than Spotify's yearly subscription on a good background noise removal software such as ClaerityAI, an investment worth every penny!

It is an AI-based speech enhancement technology that improves work productivity by removing unwanted background noise from your virtual meetings. It recognizes human speech by the speaker and eliminates 2000+ noises in the background, enabling the experience of uninterrupted conversations. So, go ahead and install ClaerityAI to listen effortlessly and be heard. Last but not least, set ground rules for punctuality and create work-life balance. Keep a check on your working hours.

Shutting yourself completely off from work post-working hours will help you spend quality time with your family/friends/pursue your hobbies. And don't forget to congratulate and pat yourself at the back for cracking that interview and getting a new job, even if it is virtual onboarding.