Ways to Harness Technology in Muting Background Noise

The pandemic has rendered remote work the 'new normal.' But when you are working at home various background noises like noisy neighbors can be a real nuisance, disturbing and distracting you from concentrating on important office work. That's where modern technologies kick in.

A year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns turned homes into offices and classrooms. The new hybrid work platform has brought significant benefits but is not exempt from problems, the foremost being noise.

In this context, remote workers or students attending online classes find themselves under attack. At times, the neighbor's crying baby or construction work at a nearby home is a headache. Moreover, during work from home period, having your family members or pets around can be frustrating.

Background noise can also affect your mood and wellbeing. The research concludes that irritating noises can add significant stress to mental and physical disorders. Fortunately, modern technology has a solution to combat this scourge.

Getting Rid of Noise: Active and Passive Soundproofing:

To mute your neighbors, you can opt for either active or passive means. A passive way of eliminating background noise is similar to soundproofing your home with special tech-powered sound-absorbing panels on the walls. However, this method is not only costly but also labor-intensive and time-consuming.

But, for a more budget-friendly option than passive means comes the active method of background noise cancellation. The modern technology of active noise cancellation can be harnessed effectively to reduce the distracting and unwanted noise that dampens your productivity from earbuds, headphones, or simply software.

You are already familiar with earbuds and wireless headphones, presenting the power of noise cancellation through AI. However, expensive models bring heightened comfort while also providing higher unwanted noise reduction.

Earbuds or headphones are very specific to the individual, and one needs proper experimentation to choose the right one, complementing their work routine.

However, the active method does not intend to shut down background noise, rather filter them. The beautiful concept of active noise reduction was introduced by Paul Lueg, who patented the method of proper neutralization via a sound signal.

Active Noise Cancellation - How to reduce Background Noise?

To understand how active noise cancelling technology works, consider what sound is. Sound is a collection of vibrations, represented as waves or oscillations, moving in a cycle.

Lueg proposed developing a series of mirror opposite oscillations, such that the perfectly symmetrical waves cancel out each other on reaching the ear. Thus, by adding sound to sound, total silence can be created.

The noise cancellation headsets work according to Lueg's method, containing built-in microphones to pick up ambient sounds. Then, in response to surrounding noise, the headphones create a counter noise, thereby reducing unwanted noise. In addition to headsets, earplugs now also leverage the power of ANC or active noise cancellation.

Nevertheless, the gadgets harnessing the AI-powered noise cancellation technology don't cancel all extraneous sounds. Hence, they don't bring complete silence but only dampen and filter such sound to bring the illusion of total silence.

Bringing You the Amazing Features of Noise Cancelling Software:

Noise cancellation software is an app that is designed to nullify background noise in conference calls, voice recordings, and audios. The app works as a virtual filter on your microphone and lets only your voice reach the person you are talking to, loud and crystal clear.

It is the right time to bid farewell to unwanted noise. Yes, the background noise removal app connects to the calling app automatically, beginning audio filtering immediately. But how does it work?

Leveraging the power of AI and Neural networks, the app differentiates between Human speech and background sounds. Machine learning learns what a human voice sounds like and selects only audio signals while neutralizing background noise.

Final Words:

ClaerityAI is a noise cancellation app leveraging the power of AI to deliver user-friendly and powerful noise reduction solutions. The AI-powered speech processing software at ClaerityAI clears noise, improves audio quality, and enhances user experience.

With the software installed, you can set up your future calls and meetings noise-free. You may never want to go back once you witness the power of ClaerityAI software! Download on your Mac/PC and enjoy a 30-day free trial.