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Why ClaerityAI?

ClaerityAI is an innovative noise-cancelling software commonly used by organizations and individuals who require professional quality audio output in online meetings. ClaerityAI eliminates undesirable audio interference from background noise to produce high-quality clear sound. Whether you are at a meeting or streaming, noise-cancelling is highly desirable for professional and productive conversations.

How does ClaerityAI noise cancellation software work?

ClaerityAI’s noise cancellation software is a program that reduces background noise in online meetings, recordings, webinars and other similar use cases. The noise-cancelling solution acts as a virtual filter on your microphone so that other participants can hear your voice coming through loud and clear, without any interference from background noise.

How do I use ClaerityAI

ClaerityAI eliminates unwanted background noises in two ways.  It removes unwanted noises from your environment that are getting picked by your microphone, and also removes unwanted noises from other participants on your conference call before the noise reaches your speaker.

To use ClaerityAI there are three things you need to do:

  1. Open the ClaerityAI Application and select which microphone or speaker you want ClaerityAI to work with.
  2. Click the button in the application to turn ClaerityAI processing on for the microphone or the speaker.
  3. In your conferencing application choose “ClaerityAI Microphone (ClaerityAI)” as the microphone OR “ClaerityAI Speaker (ClaerityAI)” as the speaker. Only one can be active at a time. Make your selection based upon whether the background noise is at your end (select Microphone to be ON) or if the background noise is around the participant at the other end (select Speaker to be ON).

That’s it and your calls should be clear.  To turn off processing, bring up the application and click the button to turn it off.

Can I use ClaerityAI with any conferencing platform?

Yes. We are using standard Microsoft and Apple for over the top solutions and it should work with any microphone and application that allows you to select which microphone or speaker you want to use.  We have tested with common microphones and the main conferencing applications. If you encounter something that isn’t working, let us know at support@claerity.ai.

System requirements

For the best performance of the solution, we suggest the following hardware configuration:

Windows Machines: any PC running Windows 10 as its operating system

  • CPU:  Intel
  • Intel U Series i5 4 core or above.
  • Intel X Series i5 4 core or above.
  • Intel H Series i5 4 core or above.
  • Intel S Series i5 4 core or above.
  • Intel WS Series.
  • AMD - Ryzen Series 2000 and above.
  • Memory: minimum 8 GB memory

Apple Machines: MacBook®️, MacBook Air®️, MacBook Pro®️, iMac®️, iMac Pro®️, Mac Pro®️, Mac mini®️

  • Only Intel Processor
  • Processor Intel®️ 64-bit Core™️ 2 Duo or better
  • Memory 4 Gb RAM or more
  • Apple macOS®️ Catalina 10.15 or higher
  • Hard disk 2 GB free space


Problem: No one can hear me talking once I turned it on.

Resolution: The most common cause for this is an incorrect or conflicting microphone setting in the Claerity application and the conferencing application. Open the ClaerityAI application and make sure the proper microphone is selected. Then go to your conferencing application and make sure “ClaerityAI Microphone” is selected. Make sure that “Internal Cable (ClaerityAI)” is NOT selected. If everything is selected properly and it still isn’t working, try exiting ClaerityAI entirely (right click on the logo in the tray and select exit) and restarting ClaerityAI.

Problem: I am having quality issues with the sound of my speech, or my video and audio is not in synch.

Resolution: This is likely due to processing capacity issues on your PC. There are several ways to address this. First, try closing other applications that are running to increase processing capacity. You should also check the minimum configuration FAQ to compare it to your PC.

Problem: A particular sound doesn’t seem to be blocked.

Resolution: Tell us about it! The algorithm is trained on specific sounds to filter, so more real world information is better. Send us an email with a description of the sound at support@claerity.ai.