claerityai in education

create the best possible teaching environment for your distance learning programs

Don’t let poor audio quality adversely impact your education programs. Experience the difference with claerityai

Empower your educators

...with crystal clear audio

Interactions through audio and video conferencing platforms can be a frustrating experience due to poor communication channels and background noise that require constant repetitions at both ends. Ensure uninterrupted classes for your teachers and students with claerityai.

Keep your student’s attention on the lesson

…not the TV playing in the background

Distance learning is challenged by being performed in uncontrolled settings often with noisy backgrounds. Traffic sounds, barking dogs and background chatter create disruptions for everyone in the class. Minimize distractions and make sure your students have the best learning experience possible by leveraging claerityai’s voice enhancement technology.

easy to install, easy to use

works with all web conferencing solutions, no additional hardware required

Getting up and running is easy and quick. This software-only solution is downloaded on to your laptop or desktop and works with any web or video conferencing solution that you may be using. It also works with any video banking platform that you may be using.

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