claerityai in healthcare

experience crystal clear audio with claerityai and remove all unwanted background noise from your virtual visits

Infuse the same level of warmth and quality into your virtual visits that you do with your in-person ones

Healthcare providers are increasingly providing more care to their patients through remote and virtual platforms. While powerful in many ways, virtual visits are challenged by being performed in uncontrolled settings often with noisy backgrounds. Make sure your patients have the best experience possible by leveraging claerityai’s voice enhancement technology.

Now, you and your patients can be sure that you are being heard clearly.

protect your virtual visits with secure patient communications

make virtual discussions with your patients private by eliminating background noise with secure, state of the art voice enhancement technology, claerityai

claerityai greatly enhances the audio quality and ensures that the patient-clinician interaction is uninterrupted by a noisy background. You can now easily gather patient information and communicate with your patients in a secure, HIPAA compliant way. claerityai works locally on your device so audio data never leaves your computer.

enhance your user experience and increase patient engagement

The sudden increase in adoption of telehealth services has created an urgent need for tools that are easy-to-use and seamlessly blend into the typical patient care delivery flow. Clinicians and patients alike get frustrated when they have issues with audio quality. Create the best possible user experience for your telehealth programs and increase user satisfaction with claerityai.

easy to install, easy to use

works with all web conferencing solutions, no additional hardware required

Getting up and running is easy and quick. This software-only solution is downloaded on to your laptop or desktop and works with any web or video conferencing solution that you may be using. It also works with any telehealth platform that you may be using.

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