claerityai technology

removes all unwanted background noise effectively

an AI-powered system that eliminates background noise in real-time to deliver crystal clear audio

claerityai is a noise cancellation software used by hundreds of working professionals who require professional audio output in their online meetings. claerityai uses an innovative and patented noise reduction technique that enhances audio quality by recognizing and filtering audio signals that the speaker's vocal stream can't generate.


No extra hardware needed

local to
your device

Data remains local and secure


Use with any conferencing solution

small memory

Easy implementation on existing platforms

dynamic noise

In both transmit and receive mode

low processing

Works on devices with varying configurations

Most noise cancellation solutions work by simply blocking noise without the ability to create a precise distinction between the speaker’s voice and other noises. This can often create an adverse impact on audio quality across the board. Our AI based approach makes use of deep learning algorithms that learn specific noises and eliminate those noises allowing human speech to remain the focus of the conversation. Once you install it, you will be able to eliminate unwanted noise around you (dogs barking or children crying for example) when you are on a conference call.

unique 2-way approach

The feature that makes us stand apart from other noise-cancelling solutions is that it seamlessly eliminates background noise from both the sender and receiver. Our software works on both the microphone and speaker.

constant enhancement of audio quality

Digital audio processing technology is used in military fighter aircraft cockpits and tactical Special Forces units. This technology has profoundly influenced claerityai. Our software outperforms other solutions in this category since it does not alter sound quality. It is powered by cutting-edge digital noise reduction algorithms, which allow it to deliver high-quality, crystal-clear audio outputs.

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